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We team YUKTA Racing is the race-sport contingent of TCE comprising of Under graduate engineers.We design fabricate and compete with our Go-Karts at nation wide events such as Indian Karting Championship (IKC) , Go-Kart Design Challenge (GKDC) and Formula Kart Design Challenge(FKDC).

An Aggregate

We learn from every aspect leaving no dimension unturned our team is a perfect aggregate of  passionate engineers from mechanical,electrical and mechatronics  streams who individually contribute for the collaborative lift of the team.

Emancipating the unthinkable

Team YUKTA unfetters the most of what is taught in engineering classrooms  we as a team connect with science , mathematics and life making our graduate  study pragmatical rather for a three hour exam.Yes our adept Go-Karts  breathe every word that parades our effort.

Message from US

India does not have enough motorsport engineers and mechanics. It’s not because we are not aware but because we don’t have adequate opportunities to cater to and incubate the interests of the aspirants. This is often misconceived as simpler sport has a lot to do with engineering aspects of design, analysis, manufacturing, and testing along with managerial aspects of planning, limiting, and performing tasks. Here we sow this much needed seed to embark India in International tables.
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